Moved from blogger to wordpress

The why

You are currently reading this post on my new blog, built on top of WordPress and OpenShift. My blog was on the blogger platform in the past, but i finally decided to move from there for the following reasons:

  • small screen/content width – this was the main reason that made me move. The width of the box content is so small that it’s really hard to post a snippet of code. When I struggled half an hour with the templates just to make them wider and I couldn’t, I just gave up… Which leads us to the next point
  • more control – I was feeling the blogging platform pretty limited for some things. I can remember spending 3 hours once just to make the damn code snippets work and highlight as I wanted them to be
  • not mine – the platform is pretty nice, but was always feeling the site is not really mine.

I am not really a fan of PHP, actually it’s the only language that I don’t like at all, but wordpress seems like the best option out there for blogging. Everything seems to be simple and at the end of the day nothings stops me to get my hands dirty and edit some code, which btw is really readable. It’s just not like other PHP code I have dealt with.

Step by step guide

So here is a step by step guide to the migration process.

Create a blogging openshift application

This assumes that you have the openshift rhc client and stuff installed. So here we go…

  1. create the application, named blog in my case(this assumes you have a domain already)
    rhc-create-app -a blog -t php-5.3
  2. create a mysql instance
    rhc-ctl-app -a blog -e add-mysql-5.1

    this will output some information about your current database name, user, password, url

Install wordpress

First we download the wordpress distribution

cd blog
wget -c
tar zxvf latest.tar.gz
mv wordpress/* php

Push the code to openshift

git add php
git commit -m 'Initial wordpress commit'
git push origin

wordpress should be now deployed on the server. Now

  1. go to to setup the database information then
  2. go to to setup the tables, etc.

Note that appname should be application name that we created in step 1 in openshift and the domain-name is your domain on openshift. That’s it, you now should have your wordpress ready to go. With this you are able to install plugins, create custom pages, etc, etc.

Setup redirection

There is only one last step until we are finally done. We want to notify our users somehow that the blog has moved.

  1. Go in blogger to Settings -> Publishing and specify the new domain for your blog there.
  2. Go in wordpress to Settings -> Permalinks, set the custom structure radio button and type

    there. This will make sure that links to post from the old blog go to the new blog content.

  3. Write a new post telling your users that you moved. This is only for feed purposes.

I will be glad if someone finds this guide helpful.