ScribeFire – my new blogger editor

      This is the first time i write from ScribeFire – my new choice for blog editor. I tried almost every client out there for Linux(since i am using kubuntu) and they were all buggy for me. For example

  • I didn’t manage to configure kblogger-kde4 – the damn thing couldn’t find my posts and entries
  • Blogtk didn’t even start – it wanted gtkhtml2 which python couldn’t find and after I installed it I got a ValueError in a property named “name” and I was too tired to look at the code.
  • Divel – which I didn’t like at all :)
     I just installed ScribeFire and i didn’t have a problem with it and I also like the interface it has mostly anything. It seems that the browser will really become my desktop in a year or two. I am not sure why, but the homepage is not working for ScribeFire. Fortunately i managed to configure the plugin and it is working really nice. The interface is pretty slick and the I can see the KISS principle everywhere :) .

I am now a student :)

Sorry that I haven’t been writing lately but I am now living in Student city and there a don’t have a computer with Internet connection. I will bring my laptop maybe this week so I will finally have one. The first week was not so bad – I had lectures on Algebra and Discrete mathematics. All in all I think that I will be “OK” with those, but we will see what the time will show. I will try to write more often from now on.