More kbgoffice fun

Yesterday i finally managed to port kbgoffice completely to Qt4, so everyone with no qt3support can compile it. I am not happy with what i got however. The code is really bad and there are no testcases so i might write those for now. With no tests the development is really hard. I might use the test framework provided with Qt which really rocks. The program is also hard coded with a class named Properties which is really broken, because it seems that when they wrote the program there was no QSettings class which is times better :) .

Highlight for Qt classes in vim

Maybe some of you like me like to use a sophisticated library for C++ development. My choice is Qt. I really like to have highlighting for most of the classes so here is my ~/.vim/syntax/cpp.vim. This will highlight all of the Qt classes as built in structures of the language, which is really nice. I just copied all of the classes from the Qt’s web site ;) .

Today Vidas Katinas send me the modified version so i have updated the link. I have also added a checking for a variable. I am also using stl lately so here is the installation guide if you use them both:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/after/syntax/cpp
wget -c -O ~/.vim/after/syntax/cpp/qt.vim
wget -c -O ~/.vim/after/syntax/cpp/stl.vim

Now if you want to disable the Qt highlighting just put that somewhere in your vimrc file

let g:qt_syntax=0

If for example you want to disable the syntax for the current file(it is too slow ot whatever) type this

:let g:qt_syntax=0:e



if you have made changes.