Moved from Ubuntu to Arch



After 3 years with Ubuntu on my laptop HP 6730s, I finally decided to switch to something faster and more reliable(I will talk about this some more)

Some history:
I was an old Gentoo user before and I was using it on my desktop machine. After I got my laptop though I knew that Gentoo is not so suitable for laptops(the compilation is killing them) so Ubuntu seemed like a nice choice. Something that just works out of the box is so important for laptops – i.e. I don’t want to configure my wireless for hours.

The problems I had with Ubuntu:
  • It tries to hide the system from me. This really annoys me – I want to be able to configure my system by hand sometimes and don’t want to find out that some service that I don’t know about, started by Ubuntu, is autoediting my config files every now and then :(
  • The performance is bad – as I am mostly working with java applications and I feel them slow. I am not sure who is to blame for this but the other computers I have deployed on are working better.
  • It’s not using a rolling release model which makes me pray and fix my machine every new release.
  • Some packages are old because of the “official” release model.
So after the latest problems which I had with NetworkManager i finally decided to switch to something better. I couldn’t find why, but my machine was booting like 2 minutes and messages poped up, telling me it’s because of the network manager.
So far Arch seems stable, far faster(you cannot imagine), boots in 30 seconds with all services up. It just feels right.