Installing ati drivers for HP Compaq 6730s

I have a new laptop HP Compaq 6730s. It seems that the drivers from the official kubuntu repository are not working :( . After I installed xorg-driver-fglrx and wanted to restart X – it locked. So I had to revert the xorg.conf from safe mode. Today I had the time and tried again with the official binaries from ATI and for now they seem to work really well. I enjoy the desktop effects from time to time and I can finally watch video with a mode different from sdl :) . The new laptop is really faster than the nc8000 which I had up to now. I can now open 2-3 different windows of eclipse with different perspectives in each and work really fast :) . Almost everything that I tested work in the laptop like wireless, microphone, camera, video, audio so if you want to buy a laptop that is supported by Linux 6730s is a nice choice.

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