Vrapper – a new way to develop inside Eclipse

Yesterday while I was again searching for nice tools and plugins for eclipse which is what I use for my day to day programming now, I found that there is a new project that want to provide vim like input scheme in eclipse. I was pretty skeptical at first because I have already tried

and wasn’t happy from the results at all. Eclim is not bad in the last release but it is trying to make vim a full blown IDE monster which is not what I want. I just want to edit my files with the keystrokes that I am used to, but the problem is that I am now used to some of the eclipse keystrokes – +o , +m and +f come to my mind. If you are like me then you are lucky – enter Vrapper. The project is pretty new, but it does just what I want. Macros and find/replaces are missing for now(you can invoke the latter with +f in eclipse) but all in all most of the stuff is working fine like:

    • the h, j, k, l moving keys
    • cw, dw, A, dd and cc
    • u and +r

    so if you are a long time vim user and you are trying to get used to eclipse or you are using it for something try the plugin. In my opinion it is the best solution out there.