Openfest2008 part I

Yesterday I promised that I will be blogging about OpenFest2008, because I was too tired back then.

All in all the event was pretty nice organized, there were free drinks like beer(I enjoyed it many times :P ), coffee, tea. I really liked some of the lectures like the one about scalability from yesterday. The lecture about wordpress was nice and I learned many things from it like what is available when you are building a site with that size and what are the right decisions. I hope that they will upload some of the videos soon and some photos :) .

I was a bit of disappointed from one of the lectures because it made me feel pretty stupid – the guy was explaining parallel programming and he was claiming that if you are using separated processes the OS won’t make more than 2 CPU work in parallel in other words if you use threads you are lost. I can only thanks gateway and tarator from lunux-bg for clearing that to me by saying that it is not true.

I also missed some of the lectures explaining heartbeat2 – when there is some time I will check out their site for some information. The thing is that there were two halls and it was impossible not to miss something interesting. For example while they were giving the second lecture about heartbeat2 I decided to listen to the guy from, because I found it more practical – he was explaining what they were doing for those 4-5 years and how they solved the scalability problem and not only.

Note: Part II might not be written at all

Late in the evening

It’s pretty late here. I just entered my room, because I was at the OpenFest today and after that I met some friends. Look forward to read about the OpenFest tomorrow, because I am too tired to write the whole story and I actually don’t have the time. Tomorrow there are lectures in FMI and Diskrete Math is too important to be missed.