From last week i finally have internet here in Sofia and things are becoming much better. This year there will be again an Openfest here in Bulgaria. I hope, that I won’t miss it this time. Last year I couldn’t visit the fest and there weren’t any uploaded videos out there in the net. I can see that the site is now updated so i will watch the uploaded videos when i have time. This week is full of nice events. First there is a new course in TU sofia which will describe the philosophy of Open source – more information here. Next there will be two nice lectures in our faculty:


I am now a student :)

Sorry that I haven’t been writing lately but I am now living in Student city and there a don’t have a computer with Internet connection. I will bring my laptop maybe this week so I will finally have one. The first week was not so bad – I had lectures on Algebra and Discrete mathematics. All in all I think that I will be “OK” with those, but we will see what the time will show. I will try to write more often from now on.