The speech of Steeve Jobs

This speech is a must see. You can find it here – the link is with BG subtitles, but i am sure that if you search in google you can find the original version or translated to your language. The speech is too good to be explained in a comment, so I will just leave the link. I knew some of the things, but his thinking is really nice and I hardly recommend the video :) . The link is also in my bookmarks already :D

Nice plasma shortcut

Today while i was looking at kdevelop4 to see the new stuff i clicked
<Ctrl><F12> accidentally and plasma showed up in front of me. I am using this shortcut more and more and it is really a huge fun. For example to see what’s the time or notes on the Desktop. The new folder view also :) . The little things made the difference once more :)

Trac and Eclipse

Yesterday I wanted to integrate Trac tasks from the kbgoffice task list in my IDE. I was sure that eclipse should have that feature so I search in google and found that indeed there is a connector for Trac in mylyn-extras. Well i wanted to find an update site for that but it seems there isn’t any. So i downloaded the the extras version from the main download page and installed it locally.

It seems that eclipse is getting really mature since last time i did that i had bad problems with dependencies not resolved and things like that. Now it included the package as just another update site source, so the package manager can resolve dependencies if any.

All in all the plugin is not really what i was hoping for. I had some tasks from mylyn throughout the project and wanted to synchronize those but i couldn’t. Also the trac tasks when opened just open a browser which is not really what i was hoping for(i wanted to get a nice view which should look like a normal mylyn task). It is better than opening an external browser and searching for the task you want though, but not the best and i hope they fix it for the next release.

C++ can have nasty syntax sometimes

Hmm today on IRC in the channel ##C++ @ Freenode someone posted the following code

/*In g++ this does not work*/
struct hello
 int world()
  return _b+_a;

void try_hello()
hello h;;

so i tried to help the person telling him that he should use a typename before; because it can ambitious for the compiler. It turns out that the right solution was

h.typename world();

someone asked why is


ambitious for the compiler and seldon said that the compiler can’t know the type of world in that context. Well but world is explicitly called with

. Hmm the problem is that when the compiler see that expression it assume that


after world is the operator less than. Oh that my brain started to hurt badly :D . Maybe the syntax of C++ is getting really complicated with the years. I think that the new standards won’t get rid of those, because they can’t. Too much code have been written already to work that way :(