Hmm today i finally found a nice TreeExplorer for vim. I was looking for something like this for so long.

    • It had to be plugable to the UI and not clutter it


  • It had to list the files in a directories of my project



  • I wanted to be able to open the files from there to the right side of the window as antoher buffer/tab



There are many plugins out there that solve some of the problems/requirements in the list, but they were not complete. I have tried project(this one was good), the built in explorer, some other explorers, which names i cannot remember :D .

Enter NERDTree. That is one of the plugins that saves your day. I just put

map <F6> :NERDTreeToggle

in my vimrc and now when i hit F6 i have a list of the files in my home directory. I go to that window with either the mouse or <C-W> w and now i can use the neat features of the plugin.

? - get helpC - make the directory your ROOTo - open/close the directory(this shows the files also in the     directory as a list

When you finish don’t forget to hit F6 again :D

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